30 Years of Hinduism in Austria

::On  Nov. 8th 1980, the previous day of the Diwali Festival a group Indians had a get-together in the Audi-Max of Afro-Asian-Institute situated in the 9 th District under the leadership of Mr. Kundu.
Krishnabett im Völkerkundemuseum
They held a ceremony to the Glory of Goddess Kali and subsequently consecrated
a small room into a Hindu Mandir, the first one in Vienna. From this day onwards
Hindus could assemble regularly for the first time in Vienna to for prayers, pujas etc.

The „30 Years of Hinduism in Austria“ — Jubilee Celebration was performed this year in cooperation between HROe , the Hindu society in Afro-Asian-Institute,
the Hindu-Mandir-Association (HMA) Lammgasse and the Swami Narayan Group in Vienna .  Mr. Kundu  performed the duties of the pujari.

Puja im Völkerkundemuseum
The venue was one of the marvels  of Vienna, the Marble Hall  of  the  Ethnological Museum of Austria.  Approx. 200 persons, besides Hindus also numerous non — Hindus celebrated the day with us.
Due to intensive PR work the celebration was announced in advance in the daily newspaper „Die Presse“, there was a ORF radio broadcast and a short documentary in the Austrian TV programme „Religionen der Welt“ as well.
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