Membership of HROE

As per HROe constitution a Hindu is a physical person who is

 a Hindu by family tradition or

 a Hindu initiated by Diksha into a Sampradaya or

 a Hindu by conviction

Passive Membership
All Hindus with a permanent  residence in Austria are HROe passive members. No obligation what soever arises from this type of membership.

Regular Membership
The candidature for the election into the HROe  Executive Committee and Sanatana Dharma Council is reserved for Hindus only.

Members of a congregation/institution are not automatically also members of HROe. However, they can attain  regular membership by application and a
acceptance by the EC. This applies also to non-organized Hindus (i.e.not members of any Sampradaya)

For further information please contact any of the HROE- EC members.!

PDF Beitrittsformular (121,97 KB)
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