Our History

In the year 1980 Mr. Bimal Kundu, who hails from Bengal and holds a PhD in Chemistry, founded the first religious society of Hindus who had come from the Indian subcontinent,  which exists even today. Mr. Kundu runs a tiny temple — ably assisted by his wife Christina of German origin, a devout and practicing Hindu by conviction to suit the available room provided by the Afro-Asian Institute. By virtue of his study of Sanskrit and  training background as a priest received in his home town he conducts Pujas and other major Hindu rites adhering maily to the Vedic  tradition. On his initiative, HMA was established in 1990.
About a decade later in 1999,  HROe  virtue of e was established mainly on Mag. Mukundrai Joshi’s initiative.
By these steps the Hindus scattered over Austria achieved the status of a
‘Legal entity’ in this country. Since 1998 HROe has the legal status of a  
’ Registered Religious Community ‘ (as per Austrian Laws of 1998 governing Relig.
Communities) which is not entitled to the priviledges to which,  e.g. the ‘Govt. Recognized Relig. Organizations’ are entitled by virtue of their strength. The Census of 2001 showed a Hindu population of 3629 persons which doesn’t suffice for the said previledges. Contrary to this, some of the leading personalities of  the
Hindu societies estimate it to be several thousand more, who however are mostly non-organized Hindus.
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